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Kaila & Jay | Urban Downtown Nashville Engagement | 

Jay and Kaila. Where do I even begin? I know you've heard me talk about them before but I don't think I could ever find enough words in a short paragraph to really tell you about these two. Kaila found me on social media and I could tell by her excessive use of exclamation points and capital letters that we were going to be the best of friends. HA. I was right. Numerous trips to Nashville just for hang outs with their sweet siamese cats, Abigail and Miss Daisy. Oh and them too, of course ;)

We planned to come hang out one trip and it turned into a photo sesh downtown. We hit the streets, specifically Printer's Alley, and just started shooting. We wanted more of a documentary\journalistic style, as well as Kaila and Jay, to show their chemistry more prominently in photos versus in words. We wrapped up on the bridge after the sun had set and we were mostly alone. Those are probably my favorites <3

And of course what is Jay without his longboard? We HAD to let them use their longboards during their session because, DUH. Seriously the coolest people ever. You'll see. 

To say Kaila and Jay have become good friends of ours would be putting it lightly. Its more like a complicated family thing and we're just better altogether than apart ;) I love these two TO DEATH. And past that. I'm most excited to see you guys tomorrow and FINALLY work together! 

(BTW, phenomenal videography team here, folks. Check them out here!)