Josh & Kristina | Waterfall Elopement in Kentucky | Memphis, TN Wedding Photographer

JOSH & KRISTINA - An intimate, waterfall elopement in Corbin, Kentucky.


Don't let the name fool you. Sunday, June 12, 2016

Josh and my husband go way back. Like "highschool buddies, skipping class, late night trips to taco bell" back. I couldn't even begin to tell you all of the stories I've heard from their friendship but it makes me so happy that he's got a best friend like that. 

On Saturday, we drove up to Kentucky and scoped out some spots but mostly we just wanted to see Josh and Kristina. We hadn't seen them since WE married more than a year ago! Josh gave us the honor of standing beside Jacob on our wedding day but we were completely humbled when he asked us to photograph his elopement to Kristina. And BOY was I glad that we were there. The atmosphere alone was incomparable. I can usually nail details on describing what I was surrounded by, but I can't. The words aren't there. You just had to be there.

Sunday we got up SO early, but it was totally worth it. I wasn't even my normal grumpy self when I haven't had my coffee yet :P  I had traveled with a giant cooler in my backseat so that I could transport the flowers from my favorite florist, Memphis Center City Wholesale in Bartlett. That morning I cut the stems and put the bouquet and Kristina's crown together and we headed to their hotel to help get them ready. I mean they were family to us basically.

We traveled down a dirt road off the highway for a few miles and then hiked a little over a mile to the falls and I fell in love. It's not the biggest waterfall but it was simple and secluded and that's exactly what we were looking for. 

We could not have had a better time in Kentucky! We laughed. We cried. We tripped over roots and rocks and slid down hills. And then we laughed some more. I'm so sad that we were all limited on time spent together but this won't be the last we see of them. My heart is so full, we love you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!