Embracing the Adventure of Marriage | Emily + Jacob Photography | Memphis, TN Wedding Photographer


By : Jacob & Emily Hatch

“I’m not interested in light little flings, skin-deep attractions, or long loveless marriages. With you, I only want raw, full-blooded connection, to share a bond full of passion and breathtaking adventure. After all, love is not a pastime, but a privilege.”  - Beau Taplin

The journey into marriage is exactly as Jacob and I want to document it; an adventure. What better person to take on this remarkable and moving quest with, than your best friend.  

One of our favorite things to do when we have free time, is to explore. It doesn't matter where we go initially, we just want to see and see it together. It seems funny now, but it never fails that we wind up having a day to ourselves at just the right moments in life. We've both had an exhausting and trying last few weeks with life in general that we had began to close up and become frustrated with ourselves enough that it affected the other.

Marriage is hard, but marriage is worth it

Every single time we venture out together just to walk in silence side by side we find a new piece of ourselves falling in love all over again. The bond that we have when we dedicate our full attention on each other, is unlike any bond I've ever experienced. We've managed to discuss our future and things we were hesitant about. It's made for intriguing conversation and some hilarious stories to share with our kids and grandkids one day. We discovered new weaknesses and strengths. We found ourselves again. That one on one time with each other is so vital to your relationship. Yes we, as women, tend to need a little more attention than normal but men need it just as much, if not more.  

We can get so caught up in today's advantages such as social media, tv and internet that we tend to neglect those who matter more to us than how many likes we can get on a picture we posted. It's so easy to get distracted because it's all right there at your finger tips, but so are the hands of your partner. 

Too often we take for granted the time we spend with our better half. We want to change that. We want to help you guys practice putting down the distractions in your life and get that connection between you two, back to its roots. What better way to connect than in the middle of nature? 

Our focus behind : Embracing the Adventure of Marriage is a self explanatory title. We want to encourage you and your partner in your adventure together along your journey from relationship to marriage. We want to reveal your story from within you and bring it to life in photographs that you could hang on your wall for your friends and family to enjoy every time they come by for a visit. And think about the stories YOU will tell from those images! We know how important it is to have that one on one time with your significant other because no one understands you better than them. We want to give you that one on one time. 

We are offering a special session for our couples (married or not) in order to have that necessary bonding time with the love of your life. We call them; Adventure Sessions. You guys and Jacob and I will load up into our cars and head out to explore while documenting the chemistry between you as a couple and as individuals. We have a list of locations all around the mid-south that have walking trails, impeccable parks and breathtaking landscapes. 

If you are interested in doing an adventure session with your partner click the button below!