A Playful Sunrise Anniversary Session | Shira + Wesley | The Hatches - Memphis Wedding Photographers



WOW. That's what I'm going to start with. Shira and Wesley were every photographer's DREAM to capture. From the moment they stepped out of their car to the very last frame, they lit up the world around them. When Shira smiled, Wesley smiled. When Wesley laughed, Shira laughed. I had never met a couple more in sync like these two. 

They both, despite the freezing cold, had me laughing until my sides hurt. They were so... energetic and full of love and emotion for each other, I had VERY little direction to give them. I literally sat and soaked up every second of their relationship. And I have ZERO complaints. 

Shira is also a photographer, Shira Marie Photography, so photographing them came as easy as their love for each other. Wesley admires Shira. You could see it in his face. And Shira adores Wesley, you can see it in her smile. I LOVE these two, I hope I get to photograph them again!

Here are some of my absolute faves, I hope you guys enjoy! <3