An Affectionate Waterfall Engagement | Nathan & Allie | Petit Jean State Park | Wedding Photographers - The Hatches


I will start this blog off by saying, my legs are STILL SORE. Although that could be argued with the fact that I'm always on a trail of some sort, hiking into some kind of wooded area. 

We took separate vehicles and used Snapchat to fire questions back and forth to each other. We probably had the most fun with this. It helped us get Allie and Nathan's interests and hobbies and quirky little stories and helped them open up to us and really let us in on their love life. 
Not in a "nosey" kind of way but in a way where we could all trust each other enough to get the emotions and vibes we were trying to pull from them. 

"What is something that Nathan is stronger with where you are weaker?"

"What's your favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings?"

"What is something that you two are looking forward to on your wedding day?"

We were completely blown away at the chemistry between these two. The laughs, the talks, the movements, all of it, simply intimate. We didn't pay attention to time or the people around us, we were just living in the moment and connecting with new friends. I, for one, am SO excited for their spring wedding at the beautiful venue, Bonne Terre. 

May can't come fast enough and we cannot wait to celebrate you guys ALL DAY as you take your next step into the adventure of marriage <3

Thank you both for allowing Jacob and I to invade your personal space and make some magic with ya ;)