we are so thrilled!

We didn't know we'd get this much feedback on wanting an intern for 2017! THANK YOU! Thank you for even considering doing this and willing to learn from us! We don't know everything there is to know, we have a lot left to learn ourselves, but we will happily teach you what we do know! We've put together a little personality questionnaire for you. Don't worry, there are no wrong answers. :) We just want to know a little about you since we will be spending a lot of time with ya. We can't thank you enough.

Take your time! <3

- Em & Jacob


be yourself.

*We don't want you to fill this out in hopes that you'll have the same exact interests as us, we want you to fill this out about yourself so we can learn from you, too. ;)

*Say the first thing that pops in your head. Stay true to yourself but hey, we like humor. 

*We aren't strong political or religious people. We don't judge. We are open to any and everyone. Make sure you're okay with that!

*Relax. This isn't a nursing final or mid-semester grade. You're cool. I already like ya. <3


Name *
facebook, instagram, twitter, website, etc.
Survey *
Jim Carey is funnier than Robin Williams.
Coke is better than Pepsi.
Be elaborate here. Give details. *it's an exercise, try this! close your eyes and imagine every little thing*
Referring to the last question.
(ex. moody, bright, emotional, sweet, etc.)
Just a reminder... You are aware that this is completely a volunteer commitment. There is no guaranteed pay, but there will be instances where you can be hired. *