We are Emily and Jacob Hatch...

We are young, in love and full of bad jokes. 

Hi there! Don't let the photos fool you, we are actually not as cool as you think. We are just normal people living life to the fullest with our three precious boys. Our life as parents and as spouses are everything we need as inspiration for our work and what we want to portray to our couples. Our images have been described as intimate, fleeting, romantic and wild. Exactly what we want to be remembered as. Its everything that describes our marriage, too. We LOVE to hang out with our couples. We like to get to know them just as they want to get to know us. Who knows, we might even become best friends! ;) 

We are basically obsessed with love. All kinds of love. In every shape, form and color.

If you are excited about your love life then we are TEN times more excited for your love life. We tell your story through photos that pinpoint those little things that you love about each other. Images that will leave you speechless and in awe that you invested in those moments with each other. No relationship is like another, and that's what we love the most. The vast differences in each couple is what keeps us so thrilled to be wedding photographers. We wholeheartedly believe we have the best jobs on the planet. We get to witness countless love stories of intimacy and joy in a world full of criticism and hateful things. When you hire us, you are going to get the absolute best that we can dish out. We are 150% devoted to your wedding day and every aspect that will create the most beneficial experience for you and your future spouse. 

We don't care if you don't have the top wedding planner or the most elegant florals, we are simply there to document your day just as it happens. We are humbled by the couples that choose to hire us for their wedding day because they always treat us as family and make us feel so welcomed. Something that we want to offer to you in return. Enough about us, lets hear more about YOU!

Photo by : Cassie Cook Photography

Photo by : Cassie Cook Photography