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We don't want to just take photographs, we want to tell your story.

DanceLaugh. Flirt. Linger. RunBreathe. 

You are  c e l e b r a t e d  here.

 We are Emily and Jacob Hatch. A husband and wife team of wedding photographers located in Memphis, TN, dedicated to expressing your story the way it deserves to be told. We believe there is more to your wedding day than phenomenal photographs in definite angles. We want to document the emotions of your adventure into the wonderful art of marriage. We tend to focus on the emotion behind couples whether they are fun and spirited or a serene and intimate pair, we take the real moments and bring them to life


Our philosophy behind Emily + Jacob is to illustrate and celebrate love

We don't want to just take photographs, we want to tell your story.

We are totally awkward. And for the most part, that's the kind of clients we attract. They are usually timid, shy or "awkward" at first but if you put enough fire in their soul, they become wild. My greatest accomplishment is having clients approach me with the uneasy feeling of being in front of a camera and leaving with the confidence they should have been wearing their whole life. Its an intricate feeling, to help someone feel comfortable. Not flawless, not "on fleek", not model stat, just..... comfortable with being themselves. We focus more on the little fleeting moments between two people and how they hold each other. We focus on the way he watches your hair dance in the wind. We focus on the way you grasp his shirt as he pulls you in for a kiss. 

DanceLaugh. Flirt. Linger. RunBreathe.

We are so passionate about the art of marriage and we want to be able to express that for our clients. We take the art of photography and utilize it to its fullest potential to reach our clients and personalize their stories. We believe in the raw, tender moments and capturing the intimacy between you as one. We believe in laughter and candid moments. We live for the real instances that make you reach in and see it with your heart. We have a passion to create art that can be hung on the wall in your family home and appear timeless for you and your future generations to cherish.


L A T E S T   B L O G S




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