A Golden Family | Shelby Farms | Memphis Tennessee Wedding Photographer


Every year since Bray was just a sweet little babe, Chris, Alika, Bray and I venture off to have a fun family session. This time we picked Shelby Farms so that Bray could totally let loose and have some fun exploring. I was so eager to see how much Bray had grown since we last saw each other and boy did he have some stories to tell!

One of my favorite things about my job choice (because I don't have to do this but I choose to, I want to!) is watching each family grow. Each year they have new stories to tell, new tricks to share and new adventures to explore and I get to hear it all. I love it. Having fun with my clients is my top priority, along with documenting your precious moments, of course. As I was showing Alika and Chris some from the back of my camera, Alika would say things like "Yep. That one is going up in the living room." and my heart just flutters every time I hear that. The fact that I can give these families beautiful portraits of their everyday life for them to remember and pass on for years to come, is truly the sole reasoning I do what I do. 

Memories are priceless. Prints, canvas, photo books, all of it..... Print your memories. Whether it is an iPhone snap or one from a camera you've had for a few years now... PRINT them! Your kids will thank you, your family will thank you, your great grandkids will thank you. A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes a picture is all we have. 


Here are my favorites!!