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Ethan and Shana Stanford | Gatlinburg Tennessee

An Intimate Mountainside Wedding

It's always fun to hear from friends in your past about documenting their futures. For some reason it makes it that much more to take in. Emotionally. For me, at least.

I grew up playing ball with Shana, Sabrina and Cameron as well as having their mom as my 5th grade teacher. We are from a small town haha. Needless to say, when Shana contacted me to photographer her wedding, I was jumping for joy! I photographed her sister, Sabrina's wedding back in 2014 so naturally I was excited to be back with their family!

After talking about the venue and how much their small wedding meant to them, I was that much more excited for them and to have the opportunity to help them relive this day over and over again. Shana was not your typical bride as she was requesting photos for more of an adventurous person, which is right up my alley! When Shana mentioned the river, I was ready to jump right in. Some of my favorite bride and groom portraits are in this river. 

It was so nice to meet Ethan and his side of the family as they were all very welcoming and accommodating. I had such a great time visiting with everyone and capturing Shana and Ethan's wedding day, I truly appreciate you guys asking me and I feel honored to have been a part of your day!

Here are the highlights of their day!

Venue  :  Scatterridge Wedding Chapel 

Location : Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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