Grace & Bentley | A Romantic Backyard Elopement | Memphis Tennessee Wedding Photographer




Bentley and Grace were some of the most tender hearted people we've met, and I mean that in the most uplifting way. Their emotion was so serene, the atmosphere almost whimsical with the emotions running high on this summer night in June. The fireflies twinkling all around us and not a sound of the city for... well a few miles at least ;). 

Jacob and I were so in awe of Grace and Bentley's celebration of marriage, we felt like part of the family! We can't thank you enough for allowing us to witness such a beautiful exchange of vows and document this milestone in your life. We wish you the absolute best!!

"If I could speak to the heart of what it was like on my wedding day, it was truly the realization of a lifelong dream.  Everyone probably knows that very few people ever get to realize a dream, but I deeply feel like the hand of God was somehow involved in bringing my first true love back into my arms.

Our Wedding Day also affirmed what I’ve been preaching and teaching for most of my life – that it’s never too late, to become what you were always meant to be, and I was meant to be Grace’s husband. I am honored beyond words, for she was the first to ever love me, and I will now shine my loving attention and protection over her for as long as I may breathe.  Many years from now, my final words will be, “I love Grace.” "



"One of my best friends asked me, “So, do you feel married?” Hmm…I feel happier than I ever thought possible, I know that.  To call Bentley my husband is like living in an extraordinary dream.  He was the “one that got away” when we were teenagers, and I never thought I would have the honor of being his wife.  He takes my breath away and I adore him. 

We were made for each other, and now we get to spend the second half of our lives walking hand in hand.  My family is complete and I will be forever grateful that Someone saw fit to bring Bentley Piercy back to me."